Welcome to Glenmore Maternity

Dr. Neera Logsetty
Dr. Shelley Stokes
Dr. Astrid Tupper
Dr. Katrina Kelly
Dr. Malgorzata Ejsmont

Dr. Neera Logsetty, Dr. Shelley Stokes, Dr. Astrid Tupper, Dr. Katrina Kelly and Dr. Malgorzata Ejsmont are a dedicated team of female family physicians who provide prenatal care for pregnant women at their medical office in SW Calgary. They have a combined total of 35 years of experience looking after pregnant moms, assisting in the delivery of babies and providing postpartum and newborn care.  

Dr's Logsetty, Stokes, Tupper, Kelly and Ejsmont provide on-call services for any urgent medical concerns in pregnancy, as well as the delivery of your baby, at the Rockyview Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. They also provide 6 week follow-up postpartum care after the birth of your baby.

The prenatal clinic is located in the  office of the Glenmore Family Physicians in Glenmore Landing Shopping Center on the corner of 90th Ave and 14 St S. W. Calgary. We are happy to take referral of pregnant patients from family physicians and/or walk-in clinics.

Take care of yourself and the miracle inside you!